The Save the Water! Project Starts in Three Palestinian Villages

This month we held our first set of Save the Water! advocacy trainings, an EU sponsored project, for villagers in Ras Karakar, Al – Janiya and Ein Ark, rural villages outside of Ramallah. Through our trainings we reached nearly 75 people 20 – 50 years old, with a strong representation of youth.

The Save the Water! project will take place over the next two years and has two main goals; to teach the participants about advocacy, democracy and human rights related to water, and to build local village councils to advocate local and regional governments to improve the water and waste water management situation in Palestine. As a result of the trainings, participants will receive a certificate in water advocacy from Al Tariq.

Al Tariq’s Executive Director opened the trainings by talking about his vision for the villages and their future in advocacy. Then, three lecturers shared with participants the goals of the Save the Water! project and the current water situation in Palestine. Participants learned how the water becomes polluted, the biggest problem that inhabitants suffer from and learned how to calculate their water footprint.

During the panel about advocacy, participants learned to “think outside the box” by participating in games and icebreakers which encouraged them to interact with each other. Participants shared stories about their experience with advocacy and learned how to build a successful advocacy campaign with goals, connections, alliances, and coalitions.

Participants were also divided to three groups were they discussed human rights in their point of view and compared their thoughts to the Declaration of Human Rights. In the next group workshop each group will plan a water rights project that they would like to implement in their community.

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