“We need dialogue; a dialogue of deeds, as well as words.
This means re-affirming our common interests and values –making sure that all people, especially young people, can share in the great promise of this century.”

– Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan, Sept. 2005


The most important step for any peace process is education. Al-Tariq educates Palestinian and Israeli youth about how to use dialogue as a tool for ending the conflict non-violently.

We partner with many national and international NGOs, academic institutions, local councils, farmers, ex-militants and small community groups we are developing new approaches and educational manuals that reflect coexistence, peace, and human rights in the spirit of UNESCO criteria. One of our closest partnerships is with the Parent’s Circle Families Forum, a joint Palestinian-Israeli organization that works with bereaved families to build a framework for reconciliation once a political agreement is reached. Our current projects with PCFF are:


We also have several dialogue projects that focus specifically on young leaders and children. Using a variety of mediums — including facilitated workshops, field trips and social media — we work to encourage meaningful dialogue in both societies and between Palestinians and Israelis. Our dialogue projects for young people include: