Crack in the Wall

Al Tariq is the Palestinian partner of the Parent’s Circle Families Forum. Together, we have developed the “Crack in the Wall,” a unique project that crosses borders using social media and other communication technology.

Often times, both sides argue that their is no partner for peace. This conclusion comes from a lack of direct communication with the “other”. That is why we have developed the “Crack in the Wall” project, which gives thousands of Palestinians and Israelis the opportunity to communicate with eachother and to get to know the other side without mediation, censorship or editing.

The “Crack in the Wall” website is a place where both sides can express opinions, listen, understand, and even create new friendships that were formerly considered impossible. Through the website or SMS, participants are invited to respond to a discussion question that is published on the homepage. The messages are then translated into the language of the other side and sent through various media channels to reach 100,000 people. Recipients of the message then have the opportunity to comment and send feedback directly.

Here is an example:

Ahmad Ras al-Amud decides to send a message in Arabic, which is then translated into Hebrew and published on the “Crack in the Wall” website and across the network.

“Living under occupation  is unberable. The wall passes through my olive grove and next to my home.”

Ronnie Haifa read the message in Hebrew and decides to respond either publicly or directly to Ahmad. His statement is then translated into Hebrew and sent back to Ahmad / across the network.

“The wall was built to protect us from suicide bombers.”