Your support determines what dreams we’re able to take from the sky to the ground. The following projects are currently dreams that we need your help to make realities. If you would like to organize an event to raise funds for one of these projects, please feel free to contact us — we’d love to hear from you.

$1000: “Golden Fabric” Project – Empower a Widow and Her Family

We are starting sewing and embroidery cooperative in  Dahashe refugee camp to serve the most vulnerable women in Palestine — women who are widows or their husbands are in prison, sick or unemployed for more than six months. Since there is no social welfare in Palestine, 73% of widows and their families live in deep poverty, more than 50% below the poverty line.

Each sewing machine costs $1000 and can provide $7000 of income to a woman in a year. For uneducated Palestinian women, who have nearly no opportunities to work, this is an incredible opportunity to strengthen them and their families. Get on board and change the future of Palestine one woman at a time.


$500: Young Leaders – Give a Young Person the Chance to Become a Leader

Our Young Leaders project gives Palestinian and Israelis young leaders the opportunity to meet the “other” for the first time and learn how to engage in meaningful dialogue. After the first encounter, our young leaders continue on to participate in a range of national and bi-national activities which further education about the two societies and promote non-violent conflict resolution.

$500 will enable us to invite another young Palestinian or Israeli to join our group and become an active member of Al Tariq. They will write you letters throughout the year about their experience and how meeting the other and developing relationships with them has changed their perspective of themselves and their future. You’ll also be able to keep up to date with national and bi-national meetings through our news feed, which we update regularly.

 $250: Cultural Resistance – Give an Emerging Palestinian Writer a Voice

Today in Palestine, education is mostly based on memorization and there is nearly no funding for the arts. However we believe that arts — and particularly writing — is one of the most important ways that young people can deal with their trauma and learn to communicate.

A gift of $250 will provide an emerging Palestinian writer the opportunity to participate in a creative writing session. At the end of the year, we’ll be publishing a book of the young writer’s works and will share them with you.


$100: Non-Violence Summer Camps – Teach a Child Non-Violence

Our programs for the children, who make up almost half of the Palestinian population, focus on enabling them to deal with the trauma and developmental problems that they have due to the conflict, through non-violent means. Since 2006 we have organized 2-week summer camps for children during their summer vacations. These camps are attended by large number of children from villages and cities alike.

A gift of $100 will enable a child to participate in summer camp and learn about non-violence. For most Palestinian children and their parents, this is the first time that they have ever participated in a summer camp. Give the gift of non-violent education to the future of Palestine.


Give the Gift of Sustainability

Sowing the seeds of development and democracy takes time and requires sustained financial commitment from dedicated supporters. If you would prefer to make a monthly donation, we’ll be able to plan for the long tern and respond quickly to unplanned events. We would be happy to recieve a regular donation from you or your organization. Please contact us to set this up.

Make a Single Donation

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Your support makes all the difference.